I did not post any updates on my game for quite a while - there were no major updates from the Nordic game showcase. 

With the feedback from the showcase and from a lot of thinking before and after the showcase, I got a couple of things, that changed my plans for the game significantly.

Good things: 

  • The game moved from the "weird rust(language) demo" category to a "game" category, very good!
  • I found what that game is about
  • I found that there are a lot of people who like it 

Bad things:

  •  I am doing it wrong!
  •  It will take a lot of time to do it right!

So I decided to step back, postpone the project and do some other things. 

"postponed, will get back to it later" - famous last words! But I am back and going to continue developing that MMO game!

The most important projects I worked on during that "holidays":

3DS platformer

3DS e-shop is the super unique thing - it's an opportunity to try hardcore console development being a small indie. With super closed SDKs, obscure proprietary libraries for everything and tons of NDA (that's why I can't say much about it, unfortunately). 

And e-shop is still a thing, Nintendo is still selling new devices and supporting the platform. But no one is doing games for 3ds, so each new release will have some visibility for free, just as in old steam days (I guess).

I built a small engine for 3ds in C99 and made a platformer game in it. It was super hard and fun, I felt some very special mood of building an engine for consoles :)

Right now I started the release procedure, doing some paperwork, reading guidelines, filling forms. Probably it will be a long and slow process, I hope I will manage it until the last day of 3ds lifespan!

"hale" game engine

While the 3ds game was completely unrelated to the main game, that one is going to be the underlying tech of my main game!

For quite a long of time I played around with "reimplement it in rust" of Halley game engine .

Surprisingly I found that experimental project more satisfying to make games in than all my previous stack!

I tried to turn one of the halley's samples into GithubGameOff2019 jam entry

I consider that game as a success: it's playable in a browser and comments are about gameplay, not about technical bugs or just about rust!

Achievement of this game: 

  • after `cargo clean` `cargo build` takes ~50s. 
  • it works on linux, windows and wasm. It's possible to implement mac and mobiles as well.
  • incremental compilation takes less than a second on my x230. 
  • I like how the gameplay code looks like. Take a look on the commit history, it's one feature per commit - and I like how that features are implemented.

A lot of things are still missing, so there is going to be a long road ahead.

Future plans

The game went out from hibernation. I am going to prototype a lot, make a bunch of mini-games to check both game design ideas for my main game and the new engine architecture.

Second target - open "hale" source. As the first step, I am going to rewrite good-web-game using my renderer instead of stdweb+webgl. It already kinda works, but there are a bunch of nasty hacks I want to get rid of before announcing it.

And the third thing I am going to work on a lot - this patreon page and patrons community. My patrons are a great community and support me a lot. Desirable goal - increase income from patreon and make it my main source of fundings. I believe it is doable!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts