Finding a Planner: Size Matters

The short version of the audio and the breakdown below: 

Make sure when you're choosing a planner that you're considering the size of that planner and how portable you need it to be.

Are you going to carry this planner with you in bags that you normally use? (Or does that not matter because you're fairly stationary and your planner can be huge and open on a desk somewhere nearby at all times.)

Does the short term functionality of the planner make a bag change or additional accommodation of the size worth it? I sometimes switch to the Savor Life Planner, a very detailed, larger size 12-week planner when I am deep in a project or need a massive organizational reboot, and it works for a month or two. 

Do you not even carry a bag at all while on the go, or are you a small crossbody bag lover? You need SMALL. Grab a Hobonichi Weeks (Mega version for lots of blank pages, here's a cheap knock off that's similar size to the non-Mega) or something in an A6 Moleskine or Field Notes size and then grab a jacket with one good pocket or one simply but adequately sized crossbody bag that will fit your planner and a pen.

My current set up is exactly what I just described:

Do you switch bags but usually have some decent size bag in tow at all times (purse, crossbody, briefcase)? A5 (roughly a half sheet of printer paper) is likely a really solid size choice. My go to in that range is the Ink + Volt undated, a Mossery planner, or a Leuchtturm notebook for bullet journaling. This size is really compatible for most people, which is why there are a LOT of planners in this range.

Do you just want something with a lot of page space that can just sit open on a desk with no consideration of size? I don't personally tend to remain connected to a planner that can't be carried with me almost always (I have been pondering one for content planning though...), but if that's no issue for you then the planner world is your oyster and you can just go for it. 

I think people in this category tend to love Erin Condren and similar options, and if I wasn't a dedicated undated planner lover who values portability, I would be all over the Get to Workbook every year. AMAZING, clean layout and the vibe is just lovely. I still have all of the perforated art prints from the one I used several years ago in my office.

The bottom line is that a planner's size can be one of the biggest reasons it doesn't work for you. Give it thought. Imagine it traveling with you. Any planner you use, paper or digital, should be as portable as you need it to be and useable at any moment. It's a living thing with which you are in active and ongoing relationship. Choose the best possible partner.

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