The laws of unity and duality

Dec 12, 2019


Imagine a triangle. At the top, we find oneness, unity and at the bottom, duality has unfolded completely as the two edges of the horizontal line. The triangle is a symbol for creation. At the top is God, the Divine Spirit, the source of life, of all beings and of creation. This original Spirit divides itself into polarity and with this creation unfolds on all planes down to the material world.

Creation in its polarity is ruled and maintained by the One. The principle of unity stands above the principles of polarity and duality.

Now, the problem is that we see in main only polarity at work, in the material world. Everyone is unique, everything is individual. We cooperate, we interact. And in the frame of duality, we do good and bad things. The principle of unity is somehow hidden, not obvious. We belong to one religion, one culture, one society, one family, one mankind, one earth but in normal life this is hiding behind the diversity of people, situations, etc. It takes extra effort to follow the principle of unity, while it is easier to be dualistic. 

For a better understanding, let´s take an example. Imagine that someone was rude and behaved in a very bad way towards you. Now, you can pay back by insulting him or getting aggressive. This would be the dualistic approach. It is what we also can call normal karma, - you get what you asked for, respectively give tit for tat. But you can also apply the principle of unity and ask why he is rude and what the real problem is, and then he might tell you that he has lost his job and now he feels devastated and this caused his rude behavior. And because you have asked, he became aware that his behavior was wrong and so he apologizes and thanks you for showing interest for his situation. You forgive him and it brings relief for the man to talk with you about his pains.

As we see, the first way of dealing with the rude behavior is just a typical, subconsciously driven reaction. The second approach takes a higher maturity of the soul and higher virtues like empathy, compassion, forgiveness, understanding, etc. The results are different. Aggression and fighting versus understanding, relief and forgiveness.

Now, we will hardly escape dualism in this world, but it is important to see that we always have an option, the chance to apply the law of unity which all great spiritual masters have been doing and will be doing.

Dualism belongs to this material world, a world where death is a natural quality, where beings are born and have to die, the natural cycle of life in material bodies. From the point of view of the incarnated being, death is connected to fears and pains. From the spiritual point of view, we just come and go, we just leave the physical shell behind to continue life on earth in a new one later. For those who have lost their natural spirituality, death can be horror. But for spiritual people it is just a milestone in their eternal life. In conclusion, we need to look behind the façade of all what is happening in the material world to get a real understanding. This is also true for all the evil, which is happening, which is a part of dualism. In the end, life on earth is a challenge. It is the plane of existence with the highest level of difficulty. And heaven is the plane of lightness without any difficulty, and with this also without any challenges.

Now, I want to point at something very important for all those who are on the path. There are teachers who represent and support the principle of dualism, while there are others who teach the principle of unity. As I have explained already, dualism belongs to the material world and unity to God, to the spiritual realms. Dualism works here on earth. It is an applied law, but it is our choice if we want to follow it. Dualism can be seen as a test of the human maturity.

The dualistic teachers will tell you that it is lawful to do evil things in this world, simply because you are able to do them and because you benefit from doing so and because it is a lesson to learn for your victims. They call this “merciless love” which is nonsense as love comes always along with empathy, understanding, etc. In the same way, these teachers will tell you that you can do also good things, maybe that you should do good things to balance the evil deeds or to increase your wealth. Do charity and become rich (by exploiting those who are willing to be exploited). These teachers serve the god of the material world. And these teachers and their followers have no conscience. They accept easily suffering and death of countless people to reach their aims, simply because it is possible.

Certainly, somewhere and somehow people will learn from the evil which is happening to them. But this way, this dualistic approach is a choice, a test for your divine spirit, your soul, if you are able to apply the principle of unity even in the material world with its dualism. And certainly, there is always a positive way to reach positive goals. The destructive path seems to be easier, but it causes only more unnecessary problems and suffering.

And therefore, there are the teachers of unity which tell you to go beyond dualism and to practice divine-good deeds for the benefit of all. These teachers of unity are the representatives of the Highest, of God, of heaven. They come to cause changes for mankind here on earth, helping to overcome duality. 

In the end, these two types of teachers will attract the corresponding seekers. Just have always in mind that it is your choice how you behave in the material world, if you follow simply the laws of the “god of matter” or if you orientate on the highest law, following the one God beyond the material realms.


The terms polarity, duality, dualism are originally quite neutral in their meaning. The four elements, fire and water, yin and yang can be found there. Now, here is the point if two contrary poles nourish each other or if they fight each other. “Fighting” is a natural quality of the material world, fighting for survival, fighting against each other, etc. The term “polarity” is more complex, and we can use it to explain all aspects. “Duality” has its focus on two poles, and it is in main used to talk about poles which are fighting against each other like good and bad or light and darkness. Then we have the diabolic principle which is based also on the number two but here with the idea to split the natural unity into two poles and make them fight each other. It is a dark principle which is applied permanently everywhere to keep control over the two parties and to make money. You can find more information about these things in my books, especially where I explain metaphysics.

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