I was going through Fashion Cloudy files the other night and I fell on this one and I just.. had to make it because of how it was shaped and how lacy it was. Big thank you to Mika for the rip !

This mods has many different options for you to chose from or even use all together.
2 crop top options : 1 with sleeves, one without.
2 Dress options without the skirt included, with sleeves and without.
2 full dress with skirt included options, with and without sleeves.
The veil is in its own modpack.
The shoes are in their own modpack.
The skirt as a stand alone will be added at a later time.
PS: There may be tiny armpit clipping when big boobs are involved.. will come back to this at a later date if people complain too much about it ;-;

This mod uses vanilla assets, so it will only be going public in a month or more. I want to give more to my patrons so this is my way of thanking you guys. The mods I'll be making using vanilla body will still always end up public eventually, this is to also make my life easier with spreading my releases so each of them is appreciated just as much as the last.

Please make sure to install the colorset fix for the files you decided to install, they should be in their respective folders along with the versions you've installed for the dresses. 

I wasn't planning on releasing this until january but I guess this is my little extra Christmas present to all of you who support me.

Thank you for making this time of the year so much less stressful than it usually is and for allowing me to have a nice Christmas with my daughter this year. I'm forever thankful. 

I'll keep working hard to make more things you guys enjoy a ton. 

My next release won't be until January 2020 but I hope you guys will stick around to see what I have in my pockets for you. I'm preeeeetty sure you guys will love what I have in stock :p

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