CharacterExport v1.0 - Now for HoneySelect2

For AI Girl, Koikatsu, EmotionCreators, and HoneySelect2.

Plugin for exporting characters. Press Ctrl+E to export all currently loaded characters. Characters will be exported to UserData\chara\export and the folder should open automatically after export. The .png files exported will not necessarily have an image but they are still valid cards, just load them in the character maker and save with a new image.

This can be used for exporting characters from saved Studio scenes in Koikatsu, AI Girl, and HoneySelect2, for exporting characters from your school in Koikatsu (the character may need to be loaded first, i.e. visible on screen), for exporting everyone on the island in AI Girl, for exporting the characters in saved scenarios in EmotionCreators.

You can configure the hotkey in the plugin settings. You can also disable opening the folder after export for example for dumping many characters from many scenes without the folder opening for each one.

BepInEx 5.0.1

Extract the .zip to your game install

AI Verison for AI Girl, KK version for Koikatsu, EC version for EmotionCreators, HS2 version for HoneySelect2