I want to spread some light on a high mystery which is not tangible for any seekers until a specific initiation is offered which requires a comprehensive training on the highest level. However, the understanding of the main message of this mystery is very important for the human being.

Imagine total blackness, a state beyond creation, a state before creation. Nothing else than blackness, no time, no forms, no matter, nothing. And in this total blackness light appears, like stars in the night sky. It is the state of unity, the birth of the Divine Self. It is a very special feeling. A feeling where the right words cannot be found to describe this state.  It is the state of Divine Goodness, - all is good. All is perfectly fine.

This divine self is hiding in all of us. It is the core of our being. It is the “I am!”. It is the beginning of creation. It is where we all come from. The Divine Self which is Divine Goodness with a special flavor of Divine Joy for Life.

Like all mysteries, the seeker must experience it by himself.

My message here is that beyond all ideas of God and the pantheon of deities, this original Divine Self is waiting. In other words, - there is no impersonal, cold, dead space, no death but quite the contrary, it is the living, Divine Self in its goodness and joy for life.

This is something which gives hope, which offers comfort, peace of mind and soul, something which takes away pain and tears, fears and loneliness. 

May this hint unfold blessings in your life.

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