QuickAccessBox v2.2 for AI-Shoujo and Koikatsu!

Plugin for Koikatu / Koikatsu Party and AI-Shoujo / AI-Girl studio that adds a quick access list for searching through all items, both stock and modded. The plugin comes with thumbnails for the items, unlike the original studio interface. It's also instant and has low resource footprint, no need to wait for menus to open. 

What's new? 

This release adds support for AI-Shoujo / AI-Girl studio, and adds a list of recently used items that is shown when not searching for anything.

Missing thumbnails for new Koikatsu studio mods were also added.

How to use

  1. Make sure your game is updated and has at least BepInEx v5.0, BepisPlugins r13.0.3 and KKAPI v1.4 installed.
  2. To get proper translations for the items, get the latest translations for your game. This is necessary to be able to search for the items in English.
  3. Install XUnity.AutoTranslator v3.7.0 or higher to fill in any missing translations.
  4. Download the latest release for your game below.
  5. Extract contents of the archive into your game's directory (the .dll file should end up inside your BepInEx/plugins folder).
  6. Start studio. Once fully loaded in try pressing Ctrl+Space combination and the box should appear. There also should be a "Find" button near the left edge of the screen.

View source code 

How to add thumbnails for your modded items 

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