Research Deep Dive: Termination Phase

In the worlds of my simulations, action phases are intimately tied to events within them. The distribution of world population has grown to include more of them over time, as shown in the following graph from the "Green" simulation that best represents our real world.

Note that each year shown is the middle of the calendar year.

Notably, people began entering the termination phase (7) in calendar year 2014 at the same time, historically, that Russia annexed Crimea. 

The following graph shows the distribution of "global variables" for each phase at that time.

For the first time in history, life expectancy was zero for a fraction of the population. 

The following graphs represent as area the cumulative processed resources and total resources used for needs from the highest phase to the lowest phase, which is how the economy works (people process raw resources and trade them with people in lower phases). The graph on the left indicates phase as an angle of a circle, and the graph on the right shows a circle for each unit of phase (phase 1 is the outer circle, and the maximum phase is the inner circle).

The following graphs are for January 2020, when more than 48% of the world's population will be in the termination phase.

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