The Tarrasque Task - A FREE Tarrasque Dungeon Adventure

Hello Adventurers, happy holidays! I hope you are having a great time. Over the last couple of months many of the best creatives in this community have been working on something special as a thank you to the wonderful people that support us. I'm super excited to finally show it off to you all. Its completely free, I really hope you enjoy it, I had a blast working on my part. And yes, I chose to draw the Tarrasque Rectum map, I have no regrets! Other than maybe the google searches for reference material.

This post contains a full adventure with maps, music and minis all set inside a Tarrasque. This collaboration has been in the works for quite some time now, there are a bunch of map makers involved, including Cze who organised it, along with some other talented creators from the P&P gaming community. It was wonderful to be part of this and I'm hoping to work with many of these lovely people in the future. You can see a full list of creators in the Adventure PDF!

What you get in the files:

A full length dungeon adventure - written by the amazing DMDave.

Music and sound - created by the wonderful MusicD20 and TabletopAudio.

Miniatures - by the talented PaperForge and PaperMage.

Monsters - by the twisted mind of ItsADnDMonsterNow.

Items - by the creative TheGriffon'sSaddlebag.

Full interior map collection - You get a full set of maps for the interior of the Tarrasque with contributions from a 'truck load' of talented artists. Full list in the Adventure PDF and in the credits at the bottom of this post.

Butt map - The best rendition of a Tarrasque butt hole you'll ever see.

Well that's about it. I'm sure you'll have questions about the adventure, I'll endeavour to help if I can but it being the middle of my holiday break I may take a little while to respond. Have fun inside the belly of the beast and as always happy adventuring!



Mouth - Cze and Peku -

Saliva Gland - Neutral Party -

Crop - Eightfold Paper -

L. Lung - Crosshead -

Heart - Maphammer -

R. Lung - Tom Cartos -

Spleen - Dice Grimorium -

Stomach - Domille's Wondrous Works -

Pancreas - Roll For Initiative -

Liver - Caeora -

Gall Bladder - Tehox Maps -

Duoddenum 1 - Cze and Peku -

Duoddenum 2 - Cze and Peku -

Duoddenum 3 - Dungeon Mapster -

Jejunum - Fantasy Atlas -

Ileum - John Stevenson -

Appendix - Cze and Peku -

Ascending Colon - Cze and Peku -

Ascending Colon 2 - DrMapzo -

Transverse Colon - Meditating Munky -

L. Kidney - Forgotten Adventures -

R. Kidney - 2-Minute Tabletop -

Descending Colon - Cze and Peku -

Sigmoid Colon - J.Dungeonmaster -

Bladder - Venatus Maps -

Rectum - Afternoon Maps -

The Minaret - Milby's Maps - 


Paper Forge -

Paper Mage -


ItsADnDMonsterNow -

Magic Items:

The Griffon's Saddlebag -


Belly of the Beast - Music d20 -

Tarrasque Interior - Tabletop Audio -


DM Dave -

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