Behold the Tarrasque!

Happy Holidays!

As a special gift over this holiday season, it was my great pleasure to team up with 20 battlemap makers, 2 miniature makers, another composer, 1 magic item creator, 1 monster maker and 1 adventure writer to bring you a giant, terrifying, fully formed Tarrasque for your party to take on. 

This project was the brainchild of mapmakers Cze and Peku - Thanks so much to them for including me!  (Links to all contributors Patreons below)


Inside the Belly of the Beast

A guargantuan 123x40 grid battlemap within the Tarrasque itself! Dungeon crawl through the dank and dangerous depths of Tarrasque's organs, from its razor sharp mouth all the way to its rancid rectum. This giant collaborative battlemap of 26 organs (and one impaling minaret!) was made possible by all your favourite battlemappers!


The Tarrasque Task of Moreen Trask

What do you do when a 1,200 foot long, 600-foot tall, hard-shelled lizard barrels across the desert headed straight for the tavern in which you and your friends are unwinding? Obviously, you let a strange, bushy-haired gnome woman use telekinesis to toss you inside a hole in the thing's side so you can wander around in its innards looking for a magic sword.

The Tarrasque Task of Moreen Trask is an 8th-level Fifth Edition adventure intended for 4-5 characters written by adventure creator DM Dave. A cleric—especially one with a ton of healing spells—will be a huge benefit in this adventure. Meanwhile, characters with poor Strength and Constitution scores will probably struggle. Also, if you or any of your players have a weak stomach you better avoid this one. There's a whole lot of gross stuff in it.


A Belly Full of Treasures

After a life of torment and rampage the Tarrasque contains treasures found nowhere else! Within this terrifying beast find the Enzymatic Gastrostaff, the Titan's Tooth Claymore and a full Tarrasque Plate set of armour. Collect these spoils and gear up your players with unique spoils from The Griffon's Saddlebag!


Monsters From The Depths

Battle Immuno Cells, Tapeworms, Roundworms and even the dreaded Stool Elemental. This adventure comes alive with 4 unique and disgusting monster miniatures and all the stat blocks you'll need to fight them thanks to Paper Forge, Paper Mage and ItsADnDMonsterNow.


Its Eerie In Here

Turn up the ambience and complete the Tarrasque experience with four full tracks by renowned composers Music D20 and Tabletop Audio! Give your players the true feeling of battling through the belly of a gargantuan monster with these tracks.


Special Thanks

So many D&D creators answered the call to get together to create this project, so we want to say a special thanks to all of them. If you want more awesome content please support this passion and effort by becoming a patron of some of the creators listed below!


Mouth - Cze and Peku -

Saliva Gland - Neutral Party -

Crop - Eightfold Paper -

L. Lung - Crosshead -

Heart - Maphammer -

R. Lung - Tom Cartos -

Spleen - Dice Grimorium -

Stomach - Domille's Wondrous Works -

Pancreas - Roll For Initiative -

Liver - Caeora -

Gall Bladder - Tehox Maps -

Duoddenum 1 - Cze and Peku -

Duoddenum 2 - Cze and Peku -

Duoddenum 3 - Dungeon Mapster -

Jejunum - Fantasy Atlas -

Ileum - John Stevenson -

Appendix - Cze and Peku -

Ascending Colon - Cze and Peku -

Ascending Colon 2 - DrMapzo -

Transverse Colon - Meditating Munky -

L. Kidney - Forgotten Adventures -

R. Kidney - 2-Minute Tabletop -

Descending Colon - Cze and Peku -

Sigmoid Colon - J.Dungeonmaster -

Bladder - Venatus Maps -

Rectum - Afternoon Maps -


Paper Forge -

Paper Mage -


ItsADnDMonsterNow -

Magic Items:

The Griffon's Saddlebag -


Belly of the Beast - Music d20 -

Tarrasque Interior - Tabletop Audio -


DM Dave -

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 294 exclusive posts