This is Mikke's PushupAI plugin ported to Koikatsu by me. Differences between this version and the AI Girl version:

  • Removed "Hide Nipples" option due to being irrelevant
  • Removed "Hide Nipple Accessories" due to being totally out of scope of this plugin
  • Reset buttons for pushup sliders reset to your config settings instead of zero
  • Reset buttons for advanced pushup sliders reset to the body default settings instead of zero
  • Added toggles for enabling and disabling pushup to the Studio UI
  • Pushup is disabled by default to maintain compatibility with existing cards (enable it in plugin settings if you like)
  • Config settings for advanced pushup sliders min and max
  • Support for multiple outfit slots, including copying settings from one outfit to another

There are two modes you can use, basic and advanced. The basic set of sliders will modify the shape of the breasts if the breast sliders would need adjusting. For example, Lift set to 60 will set the Vertical Position to 60 only if it is less than that. Advanced mode lets you fully customize the shape of the breasts. You can press a button to copy the basic settings to advanced settings or copy the body settings to advanced.

Pushup can be enabled for both tops and bras. Data is saved to cards and coordinates, advanced settings are not loaded from coordinates due to being too highly character-specific.

Changes since beta version:

  • Code rework for compatibility with other plugins
  • Loading coordinates no longer overwrites advanced data
  • Fixed errors in the main game
  • Added copy to all coordinates option


  • Fixed an incompatibility with a MakerOptimizations plugin setting

Illusion Modding API
BepInEx 5.0

Extract the .zip to your game install

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