Sword of Wonder .29 Final Free to Download

So what's new & awesome in this update?

Well, for starters, it's the largest monthly update *ever* with more than 250 new images and 14 new animations. (Since the .30 update is now available, which is larger, this was my second biggest update, but largest at time of publishing) :) 

There are three new adult scenes, two of which are threesomes with multiple animations in the scene. Text wise, it's about 40% longer than any previous monthly update as well and the content in this build adds a full 3 days of in game time and more than a dozen new scenes. 

In total, there are now over 1800 images in the current version of Sword of Wonder, as well as 125,000 words of text.

Details about the .29 edition of Sword of Wonder:

  • Training with Pepper scenes (3 animations)
  • Wendy petitions the royals 
  • Flashback scene with Polly and Spring 
  • Discovery of a prisoner in the dungeon
  • Autumn helps Polly change clothes
  • The Lady Vivien arrives for dinner
  • Briley visits MC and brings a guest (3 animations)
  • Cuthhere delivers a warning about the Sword (1 animation)
  • Polly lends Vivien some lingerie
  • Polly entertains MC (1 new animation)
  • Spring and Summer escort MC to his quarters (7 animations)

In addition, there are bug fixes and other updates in this version as well since the dev build was released:

.29 episode new bugs fixed:

  • * fixed the travel time bug when returning from the lake or camelot 
  • * fixed issue that prevented loading the Pepper training new scenes 
  • * fixed bug where the Briley threesome wouldn't trigger at night, also, where "scene repeats" appeared before scene had been played

The new content should be able to be explored once all the major items have been covered from previous updates, eg, collecting the 3 urns, the 3 bags, and defeating the bandits, as well as training with Pepper, to raise your combat score to at least 10.

Via my server:

Download the Windows, Mac or Linux version via Mega (may not work...):

If you subscribe and help support the development of the game, you can get the .30 update here. 

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