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Caroline McHugh: "That advice has left me with spectacular disregard for where my abilities end and spectacular disregard for being the center of attention."

It's a strange coincidence that this TEDx speaker has the surname McHugh, because one of my friends who I turn to for unbridled opinions and help is also a McHugh. You can follow Kristen on Twitter @kristenmchugh22. 

One of the things I learned better from Kristen and other women in my post-40 years is that "selfish" is not a bad word. It shouldn't be. Taking care of oneself is not only common sense but a good practice. First of all, how the heck can you care for someone else when you're not well? Second of all, why do you think you deserve less than wellness? I admit that I have shelves filled with self help books. Some good, some cliche. 

This attached TEDx speech happens to pair nicely with this morning's Twitter trending tag #NoOneShouldBeAshamedOf. You should not be ashamed of being selfish unless you are a sociopath with no regard for other people. It's like when you're on a plane and the instructions for low cabin pressure events are to put your mask on first then help the person next to you. It's first a self serving action, but then it's a giving action. 

I live in a Guilt Bubble. It should be a cartoon. In fact, I attached one as an additional visual aid. 

My privileged life has given me people who are willing and able to get me through life with less ideations of really shitty things I won't get into. And that's a big deal. The stress of trying hard to be less of a burden so that I have less guilt so that I feel less shitty about my life can take all kinds of tolls on the mind and body. I'm sure there must be one or two of you out there that get this. If not, you're in a cool place with life and that's awesome. 

Is it about ego that I sent out another pitch this morning and want to publish my work? I don't know. Maybe. There must a spot on the pendulum where selfish and humility intertwine and get along. I have learned that my writing is strongest in memoir style writing all about me or something I witnessed. So if another autobiographical piece is pitched and accepted, I don't want to feel bad about that just because it's not some brilliantly creative work of fiction. 

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