ohmygod are you alright?
on june 24th, the day after returning from new york - the site of my road to empathy show with babycastles - i was struck by a car while crossing a crosswalk in downtown oakland, breaking my arm.

ohmygod are you alright? is a game about the experience and the aftermath. it's a game about survival, what it means, and how it traps you. it's my most blatantly autobiographical game since dys4ia - another episode from my life marked by struggle with a medical system and uncomfortable changes to my body.

many thanks to adam hartling, jodediah holems, kirk israel, jenn kaplan, dee pozo and jeanne thornton for providing feedback on the game. thanks to the always amazing girls rituals for the use of her song in my trailer - her new album reddishness just dropped and is maybe her best yet, check it out. and thanks to terry cavanagh for creating bosca ceoil, a free music-making tool which i used to create the melodies and background music in the game.

patreon patrons got daily updates and looks at the game as i worked on it, and also got to play a near-finished version of it almost a week early. check out all these updates - the ones marked "for patrons only" are just that, work-in-progress previews and sneak peeks just for people who support me for at least one dollar a month. pledge and you can see them too!

get ohmygod are you alright? on itch.io.