Joseph and the Bear Hat (December 2019) - Hyperdrive (instrumental)

EDIT January 2020: Replaced my mix with Sean's remastered version, which is awesome. The new file sounds fuller and more balanced - check it out, y'all!


This song was sort of a request from @GrahamGemmell, but not really (he requested "Hyperdrive" initially, and then realized he was thinking of a different Devin Townsend song. I couldn't play that one, but I was pretty sure I could manage this one).

Then it sort of had vocals...but not really. I did 'em from scratch multiple times. Re-mixed over and over. At the point where I had probably 100 hours into this song, I remembered something I said to @snarke before trying the vocals the FIRST time: "Honestly, it's kind of a shame to sing over this. I really like it exactly as is...."

So I tried taking the vocals out and remixing the levels...and now it sounds right.


If you've been a patron for a while, you know that I generally have a certain style - sensitive acoustic coffeeshop soft rock.
This is....not that.

And while the mixing process and recording the vocals I didn't use were not much fun, these guitar parts were so much fun it should be criminal.


Original artist: Devin Townsend
Bass and a LOT of guitars: Joseph Camann
Mixing: Joseph Camann
Drum track by Two Sides, Same Story

Image: The Devin Townsend Wiki 

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