BTS: Original HIGH LEVEL script + exclusive soundtrack preview

I've been busy working on promo stuff for the High Level graphic novel release coming up in a few weeks (with Vertigo shuttered, DC doesn't seem to care much about its leftovers, so I'm not anticipating much support from them -- so I'm doing as much as I can myself), which will include some giveaways and other fun Patreon stuff. I'll also be doing one or two Seattle-area signing events around release time, details TBA.

Today I have a couple things for your weekend perusal...

HIGH LEVEL ISSUE 1 FULL "DIRECTOR'S CUT" SCRIPT: Attached to this post you'll find my full script for issue one of High Level. Some of you might find it interesting to see how a comic script is structured (previously I broke down how one page goes from script to print), and if you're a fan of the series you'll enjoy all the extra details that are written into the script, things that didn't make it into the art, and things that changed from script to page. It's also not the final lettering script, so there's a lot of extra dialogue that was later cut for space. You can think of this as reading the "director's cut" of issue one. NOTE: There are details in this script that spoil plot points of chapters 2-6, so don't read this until you've read all six issues. Spoilers for post-episode 6 have been redacted. Enjoy!

HIGH LEVEL ORIGINAL SCORE EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PREVIEW: As some of you know, my friends Steven Alexander Ryan and Justin McGrath (who are both part of The Black Queen, and together have worked with NIN, A Perfect Circle, M83, Ke$ha, and others) have been working on an original score for High Level, to be released around the same time as the graphic novel. The full ~35 track album is designed to be listened to while you read the book, and will have cue points that sync with each chapter, so the music follows the story. I haven't really seen anything done like this for a comic before, and Steve & Justin are absolutely killing it with the vibe of the music. I'm really excited about this release!

Today I have a special exclusive preview for patrons of five tracks from the soundtrack: CLICK HERE TO LISTEN. This is a private link, so please don't share it anywhere - right now it's just for you (although feel free to talk about it publicly). Quality headphones or a good sound system are recommended!

The full score will be streaming on all digital music services, and probably for sale digitally via BandCamp. That's up to Steve and Justin, we're still working out the details. And yes, we are pursuing a limited vinyl release! Details TBA...

Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

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