Milky Ways Public Beta 0.42

So , let me be honest here. I had vacation last week so i was able to fix tons of bugs and i also added one mroe scene to the game (about 300 vn frames).

And.. so i decided that it is time for the public beta. I thought it would take longer but thanks to my vacation here it is.

Download (Win 64 bit )  

Download (Mac) (not tested , unsupported)

Download (linux)   (not tested , unsupported) 

Linux builds are comming later (takes much time to compile since it has to reimport many things)

Overall story frames : 7600

Packed Size 2.02 GB

Unpacked Size : 6.07 GB

change log : Version 0.42 (open beta)

- Added 300 VN frames for main story (overall 7600 frames)

- Updated inventory is now scrollable with mouse wheel

- Updated 3d printer list is now scrollable with mouse wheel

- Fixed tons of little things (big thanks to the closed beta testers)

- Fixed Generic Pillory event is now Finish-able with Malia

- Fixed Game can now be saved if the Tentacle shower or the Sybian has been picked up

- Fixed Yoke will not be consumed if a girl uses the Tentacle shower#

- Fixed Player counts now as a navmesh object and can not be pushed away by npcs anymore.

change log : Version 0.4 (closed beta)

- Added about 3200 VN frames 

- Added 3 new devices to place

- Added more save slots

- Added ability to change clothes on the girls (needs story progression)

- Added first part of the new pirate base

- Added new dialouge options (needs story progression)

- Added several new clothing items to the game (needs story progression)

- Added spellcheck tool (just like in AATOFL)

- Added bouncy things... maybe a bit too much >_<

- Added ability to change Yukaris skin into a human form

- Fixed Malia and her roof shenanigans

- Fixed some navmesh issues

- Fixed A bug in the storymod programm which deselects the current textbox if the first letter has been written

- Added a fix to activate in the tablet menu to restart the metal mining drone (if you have a old save an the minig drone is not moving)

And  many thanks to to many closed beta testers who found many many bugs :D

Of course there are many bugs still in the game for sure but i am not perfect.. soo.. i guess this is okay ^_^

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