friends! i don't post a lot here, but i am sure you all will look to twitter if you are desperate to peer into the progress of kooltool.

i wanted to post here the --not immediately recent-- news that i have gone part time at work and can now work on kooltool for two days a week without straining myself. it is an exciting time and i am feeling positive about the progress already, and the roadmap for the future :)

the short story is that, for sake of maintainability and ease of implementation/iteration of interface, i started porting kooltool to unity - the majority of the work here is done, and the rest i will tackle as part of improving upon the original love2d version

for those really interested, the trello board i have started using to organise is publically visible:

thanks, as ever, for the support - with my reduced income it now means more than ever. however, don't hesitate to withdraw if you are giving beyond your means - my survival is not at risk!

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