KKManager v0.9.2 - Further mod updater improvements

v0.9.2 - Emergency bugfix release - fixes updates failing to install in some cases.

Mod, plugin and card manager for Koikatu! and Koikatsu Party.

What's new?

This update is the (hopefully) final part to the major rewrite of the automatic update system. Sorry for the delay to HF Patches and lack of mod releases recently, this took a lot more time and effort than expected but it had to be done. Thankfully it's now mostly finished and ready for general use, so I can focus on other, more fun things again.

This version will be used in HF Patch for Koikatu / Koikatsu Party and most likely in HF Patches for other games as well. 

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How to use

  1. Overwrite your old KK Manager installation (no need to delete files) or extract to a new folder anywhere (or install the latest HF Patch 3.0.2 or newer to get it).
  2. Start KKManager.exe, create a shortcut to it if you want.
  3. If the game directory was not automatically detected, select where you installed the game.

If there are any mod updates available, the update menu button on top will turn green after a while. You can click it without waiting to check for updates immediately.

View source code and submit bug reports/feedback 

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