Feature requests and voting through Discord

As some of you might have noticed, I connected my Patreon to my Discord server yesterday. Once I had linked them, the Patreon bot immediately began adding all of you to the channel (if you had your Patreon and Discord linked). This was rather unexpected for me as well, so my apologies for forcing this channel on you!

All subscribers to this Patreon who have their Discord linked will get a special Discord reward: being able to vote on feature suggestions. Only Patreon subscribers will be able to vote or even see the #feature-voting channel.

Even if you don't want to join the Discord, you can see all the feature requests and their current voting status in this GitHub issue tracker.

I will be adding some more feature requests myself over the next couple of days. But not all at once, or the Discord will get so crowded that it will be hard to find the requests you would like to vote for (or against).

Don't worry, the final vote for big features will still go through a Patreon poll. The Discord is just a way to track requests publicly and have a better indication what you would like to see added/changed. I hope this to be especially useful for the smaller feature requests.

>> Click here to join the MPMB Discord server << 

( https://discord.gg/Qjq9Z5Q

For those of you not familiar with Discord, it is essentially a fancy chatroom. It is a lot better for discussion than the comment section here on Patreon and also allows stuff like image and URL sharing, quotes, and emoji’s.

The main reason for linking it to Patreon, however, is the fact that I have set up (with the help of some people smarter than me) a way to track feature requests and voting on those features.

Anybody will be able to make a feature suggestion, but only subscribers to this Patreon will be able to vote on them.

You can join my Discord server by following the invite link above. If you don't already have a Discord account, you will have to create one (you will be prompted to do so).

Once you joined the server, you will have to accept the rules in the #welcome channel to be able to join the discussion. See below how to claim your reward.

To claim your Patreon reward, you will have to meet the following two requirements:

  • Be actively pledged at any one of the named tiers on my Patreon.
    I unfortunately can't give Discord rewards to people pledged at the "No Reward" tier. This is due to Patreon's limitations.
  • Link your Patreon account to your Discord account, which you can do on your "My profile settings >> Apps" page on Patreon (just follow this link).
    For more information and questions about this, please see this Patreon help article.

Once you meet both requirements, you will automatically get your reward. It might take a couple of hours though, so please be patient. You'll know when you've received your reward when you can see the content of the #feature-voting channel by following this link.

Once you have your Patreon reward on Discord, go to the #feature-voting channel and click the up or down arrows for a feature you would like to vote up or down.

Anybody who joins the Discord channel can make a feature suggestion. This is done in the #feature-suggestion channel by using a specific format for your post. How to do this is explained (and updated) in the pinned post in that channel, but I'll repeat it here as well.

Below, in between the lines, is the template for a feature-suggestion post to be used on Discord. Do not change the text between the asterisks. Only change the italic text.


**Feature Request:** Your request

**Extra Information** The sheet is currently not able to handle…

**Who would use it?** Anybody who would like to…

**How would it work?** Add a button to…

**Why should this be added?** Justify why you think it'd help others

Be aware that you won't be able to edit your post once you've submitted it, because that won't be reflected in the suggestion. You will be able to amend notes to it, though, but it is not straightforward.

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