Race: Elf Subraces

This adds several new subraces to those already available for elves and makes some minor tweaks to existing ones.

  • Grey Elf - half high elf, half dark elf
  • Lava Elf - descended from dark elves and efreet
  • Mountain Elf - hearty people from high mountain regions
  • Spirit Elf - kind of like Roma with a connection to the dead
  • Water Elf - for all your underwater-elf needs

Updated 2022-06-28: Minor wording and formatting updates. Three new weapon types added, weapon training features altered to make them more elfy and individualized for each subrace.

  • Dark Elf Rapier - sturdy sword with a short blade that sticks out of the pommel...grants a bonus action attack
  • Elven Longblade - graceful recurved elven sword (basically a rapier, but slashing damage instead of piercing)
  • Wood Elf Willowpoint - a long spear with excellent balance (a finesse spear)

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