We're coming back — as "Super Robinson Bros!"

Well, hello there! It's good to see you again! It's been a bit, hasn't it?

We unintentionally put Game Pad Ink on deep freeze over the last year or so as our real lives got busy and we, truthfully, neared burnout trying to keep pace with the comic, podcast, and video content. But a funny thing happened while during this intermission: We missed it like crazy.

We learned a lot from our first year or so doing GPI and we had a TON of fun with it — both in playing, discussing, and making comics about games, as well as interacting with you all on Patreon or across the internet. Enough so that, over the last few months, we've been plotting our return ... and how to improve every aspect of our content and our workflow.

Which is why we're pleased to announce that we're kicking this webcomic back into full production! But not as "Game Pad Ink;" instead, we're re-branding as "Super Robinson Bros." and we hope you'll join us for the ride!

Q: Why the new name?

A: Two major reasons: First, "Game Pad Ink" just never really rolled off the tongue nor was as self-explanatory as we'd originally thought it would be. More importantly, we want the name to reflect what we thought was the best part of our process and comic: Two brothers who love playing games together and documenting our experiences doing so.

Q: What else is changing?

A: The biggest change is that we're shifting our content cadence and Patreon focus to be about the things we enjoyed the most: Playing and discussing games with our community.

We're committing to one major comic review per month and our new structure — from Patreon and Discord to our videos and podcast — are built around sharing this monthly game experience. Patrons will still have the ability to pick what we play, and then all our readers can share their thoughts with us on Discord or around the internet over the course of the month as we play through that game together. We'll still be creating videos introducing each game and podcasts that capture our final thoughts, of course, but we're hoping this new approach will invite others to play along with us.

One comic review per month allows these discussions and shared experiences to breathe, but we also intend to create additional comics on the side as time permits.

Q: So Patrons still get to pick what you play?

A: Yes, Patron Picks are still very much a thing! We loved opening up our review slate to our readers' opinions, but we are making one notable change: We'll be providing a selection games every month for Patrons to vote for us to play in the following month. We'll be sharing more details on this when voting for our first Patron Pick is open, but we're thrilled to continue this feature!

Q: What about Patreon reward tiers?

A: We're simplifying reward tiers and collapsing them into three groups:


  • Pick What We Play.  Every month, you get to vote on what game we play next! 
  • Patron-only Discord channel. Chat with other Patrons in an exclusive channel!


  • Early Comics!  You'll get every comic review days before they appear on SuperRobinsonBros.com for all the unwashed masses! 


  • Behind-The-Scenes posts! For every comic review, we'll share our early drafts, process thoughts, or even some comics that didn't quite make the cut.

Q: When do the new comics start?

A: We'll launching Super Robinson Bros. and posting brand-new comics on May 1, at which point Patrons will have their pledges collected on a monthly basis. We wanted to give everyone a chance to adjust their pledge as desired before we start back up again in earnest.

Q: Anything else?

A: Yes! 

Until new comics start, we've got a surprise in store: We're clearing out our old vault of un-released comic reviews! We'll got a handful of old Game Pad Ink strips that didn't see the light of day because we weren't entirely happy with the comic or just never got around to recording a podcast or video. These "lost" comics will not trigger any pledge collections and most will be Patreon-exclusive. Think of it as our way of saying goodbye to GPI!

Lastly, Nick and I want to thank all of you SO MUCH for continuing to read and support our comics as we've found our way back. It absolutely means the world to us. We're beyond thrilled for Super Robinson Bros. and have every intention of being here for the long haul — thanks for being along for the ride.

We'll be back very soon with a new name and new comics! <3
- Nate & Nick

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