GL3 Shaders Tutorials | Phong Lighting - Part 01

Hi dear Patrons,

I'm delving into shaders again, and this time I want to talk especially about shaders written using the GLSL 3.3 language, available with the GL3 package.

There are several differences between the versions 1.2 and 3.3 of GLSL, and we will try to highlight them in those videos. 

This first video is the first part of a tutorial on how to create a Phong Lighting shader ( ) in Max using the object and the GLSL 3.3 shading language.
We don't finish the shader here but we see some important things, like how to access the values we need from the API of Max in GLSL and how to send values from the Vertex shader to the Fragment shader. 

Part 2 is coming soon. 


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