dungeon janitor's apprentice
a while ago i was jamming out a bunch of tabletop games really quickly. one of them was "dungeon janitor's apprentice." the name came from a zzt game - it's one of the ranks you earn in proving grounds, one of the super zzt titles. it's a really funny phrase because of the dynamic it implies, and the rest of the game came pretty naturally just from that.

well, i liked the symmetry of the game a lot, and it became clear soon that i wanted to develop it into a sorry not sorry title. in making the finished rules, i tried the cheapass games route of only using public domain art. the cover illustration is from the british library's flickr account, and the maps, scrolls and pennants are from the scarlet heroes art pack. i'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

this version of the game is more competitive than the original prototype: there are rules for scoring and for winning. (you're free to disregard them, of course, and just play the game until you get bored.) a big thanks to max and patrick for playtesting the game and helping me clarify what counts as call-outable or not.

dungeon janitor's apprentice is pay what you want on itch.io.