Last rewards through February 2020!

When we started on Patreon some years back, a number of people wondered how we'd keep up with our traditional story and crayon rewards with the influx of new people.  Our plan was to continuing with the old "just do them all" system we'd been using, until such a time that it became impossible to keep up with them.  We had no idea when this would happen.  It turns out to have been slowly happening through 2019 - we've fallen behind and it's only getting harder.  This was bound to happen with just the two of us working on them.  So, after sending out well over 3000 stories and 2000 crayon drawings, we're going to have to stop doing individual rewards soon.

However, we need to see this process through cleanly.  That means that all through February, we're taking all of the final reward requests, so that nobody misses out.  This may mean more reward work in the short term, but it'll be a process we can meter without being overwhelmed by future requests.

  • Anybody who signed up in January:  your payments are processing now and if you have the reward tier selected, we'll send you the information in a week or so.  Message me if you don't get an email by the 10th.   We won't be able to take requests after March 1. 
  • Anybody who signs up this month in February:  your payments will process in early March and we'll send you the information then.
  • Anybody that has signed up in 2019 or before and wants a crayon or story reward:  please message me!  If you don't message on this site, you can send me an email to [email protected] .  Again, we won't be able to take requests after March 1.
  • Anybody that has already requested a reward:  we'll get them done!  We'll send out an email when they are ready to go.

Zach will continue writing stories for the site.

Thanks to everybody that has helped out!  And thanks for your understanding and patience with us.