Mid-Winter is here.

I love winter. The mid-winter point, or Imbolc, or Groundhog’s Day, usually feels like the point at which everyone has finally either submitted begrudgingly, bypassed entirely, or fully surrendered to winter’s energy. We’re either in our winter right now or we’re not, and how we move toward spring can have a significant connection to where we are right now in relationship to our path and the season surrounding this part of it.

Questions to ponder or journal on:

  • Have I taken time to rest, reflect, travel inward and explore my needs? Have I considered how much of these things I’ll need in order to really embrace the seed-planting energy of spring?
  • What meaning does this time of year have for me personally? What do my personal life, projects, career path, relationships, spiritual practices, and physical/mental health tend to look like, and why?
  • Do I embrace this time of year (feeling in sync with season), accept it (allow my life to reflect it, even if I’m not a fan), or struggle against it (spend all day missing or fantasizing about warmer weather)?
  • How could I engage in a relationship to winter that honors what is, and not what I am missing or anticipating about other times of year?
  • Are my goals, my life pace, and my expectations in line with the way this season feels for me? How might these be adjusted to allow for my life to feel manageable throughout this season, including the rest of it?

The holidays, a new year, all of it is passed, and nothing is masking the fact that we’re well into the cold season. Distractions and resolutions have faded a bit into the background so that we can fully embrace a bit of the chilly quiet if we’re willing, and we get to do so a bit more hopefully now that we’ve made it halfway to the upcoming season that many people enjoy.

So, what to do with this point in this particular mid-season? There’s no singular “right” way, but I can offer my own framework for this particular seasonal touchstone, and you can do what works for you.

I spent time doing soul tending.

I choose a deck of cards and do a reading, grab my drum and spend time in altered/trance space (accessing guides, ancestors, nature, and all the wisdom these can offer), and I create altar space to honor this time of year and where I’m standing in it. It usually has candles, the cards I’ve pulled, and a plant rooted in the ashes from solstice, because in addition to soul tending…

I plant something.

I typically let the ashes of my winter solstice ritual rest quietly until mid-winter before mixing them with some potting soil and planting a clipping or two that I’ve been rooting in water during the same time period. The plant usually goes on my altar as part of my honoring the work I’ve already done this winter.

(This year’s is a ZZ plant that I’ve been rooting in a bottle of water since solstice, and I’ve planted it in the empty candle container of the candle I’ve been burning since the same time period, pictured above.)

I light candles.

I mean… I light candles for almost anything, whether it’s sacred or just intentional (is there really any difference, honestly?), even my planner prep for the upcoming week, or virtual coworking sessions. I have specific candles for so many things, and I find that lighting and burning creates a special energetic space that honors both me and the moment I’m in. If burning candles isn’t manageable health-wise or environmentally for you, there are rechargeable electronic candles, or even a tiny beautiful lamp in in a special space can create the same energy.

I spend time journaling and reflecting on all of the above.

I don’t manage to do significant journaling on a daily basis, so for me these types of transitional touchstones are deeply valuable. In the same way that I spend time in personal reflection at season change, mid- and end-of-month/week/year, birthdays, anniversaries (of all types), the middle of a season is an easily remembered point in time for reflection, and I do that to the degree that I feel led. This year I’ll be working on those same questions I offered you earlier in this post, along with the altar I’ve already created.

I allow flexibility.

Sometimes mid-season arrives and I don’t give a single shit. Sometimes I feel a connection to the shift and I want to spend time exploring and honoring it. Sometimes I want to take time but I don’t get to it until a day or two after, or even a week after, and I let that be okay. I do my thing when and if I feel able and ready to.

Whatever you choose to do for this point in time, let it be grounded in what you need, the energy you have to give to it, and a realistic grasp of who you are, what practices are meaningful to you, and how you best navigate these moments.

If you’re a member of the community, hop into the #soul-sharing channel and tell us how you’re observing mid-winter. I would love to learn from you and maybe tweak my own practices! I’m also offering a mid-winter card pull for community members in the #oracle-sharing channel, so hit me up there if you’d like one.

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