Last Stand of Ra: Final w/fix


Inevitably, there is always one or two bugs that seem to slip past testing. The final build of Last Stand of Ra was no exception.

There were a couple of inconsequential scenes that lacked a proper exit. There were also a couple of spelling errors that were reported. Everything that has been reported has been fixed. Lacking something game breaking, this will almost certainly be the final release of this game (Considering how many people have messaged me in the last few days to offer congratulations for another complete game, or to talk about their impressions of the game's ending, I'm pretty confident that if there were any noteworthy problems they'd have been reported.)

And so, we reach the end of another era for Aftermath Team. It's always an amazing feeling to complete a game, but at the same time there's a hint of sadness that it has to end. Fortunately, the end of one game tends to spark the birth of something new. For the moment, I plan to invest the extra time into Inheritance, but in the back of my mind, I'm already thinking about what comes next, . . . . .  

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