CosPain #135: Token Extrovert

This is basically how I make friends at cons.  I hang out with an extrovert, who proceeds to collect a bajillion introverts by sheer force of personality, which, in turn, expands our social circles.  I highly recommend this strategy.

In case you somehow missed my plethora of announcements, the Kickstarter for my new mystery graphic novel, The Letters of the Devil II: The Legacy of L, is live throughout the month of February!  By supporting the project, you can get any/all of the following:

  • Credit on my website
  • A PDF or paperback copy of one or both of the books in the series
  • A Special Edition copy with a handmade booksleeve and a custom, ciphered letter from L
  • An original 9"x12" ink-and-graphite illustration in the style of the series (supplies limited)

Besides CosPain, this book has been my primary focus for about 2 1/2 years now, and I'm excited to finally be at the funding stage.  I hope you'll consider supporting the project!  You can find it at
Rock on, guys, and never stop drawing. 

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