(PP.28. Crime Scene 7. Another Angel in the Crowd)

Welcome to another Patreon’s post. 

This is the artwork’s data sheet: 

Title: Crime Scene 7. Another Angel in the Crowd 

Artist: Veronica Huacuja 

Technique: Digital Painting

Year: 2020

Collection: Women 

Some previous thoughts. It’s very important to title our artwork with success. Why? The artwork’s title is a highly important resource that introduces the observer into its “creative circle”.  Sometimes, it's the pass-through to our work. 

We'll be learning... As nowadays creators, our resources are multiple when it comes to display our work in the media, and we must use them on our behalf. One of these resources is the title of our work.  


  • Digital tablet (I use and recommend one with hand pressure sensitivity)
  • Photoshop.
  • 1 still from a true crime video documentary (the adolescent's image). 

My experience making up the title of this artwork. As we know, every title must predict its content, must be interesting (raise the interest of the public we want to acknowledge it), and include relevant keywords. 

So that being said, I think the first part of the title doesn’t need any further explanation, the artwork is clear and I’m using a good keyword: crime scene. But when it comes to the subtitle–“Another Angel in the Crowd”–I need to say that I took the idea from one verse of a song of the English rock group, Dire Straits, “Wild West End”. Reality works like in slumbers, it overlaps. Doesn't it?

Technical comments regarding the creative process. With all respect, I based this artwork on a screenshot from a true crime documentary, as I cited. I tried to reflect the drama of this adolescent girl and her story. What came out to be my work is an abandoned face in a lifeless state. 

As always, the first thing I did was to decide the background color that resulted to be dark brown (RGB: 66, 36,18), onto which, further on, I applied a spectrum of transparent orange and brown colors (in various layers), this to make up a “veladura“ or veiling. I made this with a very thick brush (done with free vertical strokes). By making the latter, I created an atmosphere, which in this case, refers to the effect of the scene upon the character.

Next, I began the character’s face. You can appreciate the process in the images that accompany this work. 

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