Was it the wheelie gene mindset or something else?

Towards the end of Episode 3, I play a clip from a video by mountain biker and filmmaker Matt Dennison of Mahalo My Dudes in which he wonders if he just doesn't have the 'wheelie gene' since he's been unsuccessfully trying to learn to wheelie for years. He arranges for a day of how-to-wheelie coaching with Ryan Leech at the Ryan Leech Connection. Ryan also gives him the there's-no-such-thing-as-a-wheelie-gene lecture. By day's end, Matt is able to hold a wheelie.

How big of a factor was the 'wheelie gene mindset' in preventing Matt from learning to wheelie?

Take the poll and then explain your rationale in the comments below.

Very big factor

Somewhat of a factor

Not much of a factor

Not a factor


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