So I have opened up Commissions to be able to request short stories.  What follows is the first I can actually release to you all.  The original request was:
"I love Nikka and anything you do on her.  We meet her in the game when  she meets the main character but what about before how did they meet, who made the first move, etc.  I have always wondered [about] that."

After confirming this was a short story request and not just a question, I got to work on it.  Commission short stories are supposed to be pretty short, so this isn't as detail heavy as some of the other short stories like the Home Front series, but it still has some nice lore to it, and the Patron did enjoy it.  This is not a sex story though, so just keep that in mind.

Every choice at the beginning of Episode 1 implies you are at least friends, so this is pretty much canon (even for John) up until the last few paragraphs where player choice may negate what happens in this story.


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