Fun with Plank Tower Destruction in Blender

As children we like to play with wooden planks. 

We build towers and we enjoy it if they fall in pieces.

Using Blender you can do that and there is no need to clean up.

Building towers "Piece by piece" is however not the way to go.

So in this Video we use a "Library" with easy to use "Python commands" that will built the plank-towers.

So you need to download the Library here or just download the AddOn which is attached to this post.

The Library needs to be registered in Blender, so in the first part i will show you "how to register your library" in Blender. 

After this you have additional Commands for many important Blender functions about "Rigid-Body Physics".

UPDATED on 21.07.2020 for Blender up to 2.90

Of course you can - in the same way - register your own Libraries.

Make your own pre-defined commands.

Then later we will use these commands to build and destroy plank-towers.

The end of the video is a lot of "directors cut".

If you do not know anything about using Python in Blender, please see my other video on this topic first.

"Blender Rigid Body Physics":

"Using Python with Blender":