Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How to drag and drop files?

Google it

The original file(s) get overwritten and I don’t have backup and can’t play the game

It’s your fault and you might need to reinstall the game.

I don’t have the game


Atelier Ryza -> Buy it at Steam Here

Atelier Lulua -> Buy it at Steam Here

Atelier Rorona -> Buy it at Steam Here 

Atelier Totori -> Buy it at Steam Here 

Atelier Ayesha -> Buy it at Steam Here 

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Blue Reflection -> Buy it at Steam Here

Fairy Tail Game -> Buy it at Steam Here

Bullet Girls Phantasia -> Buy it at Steam Here 

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I don’t have the DLC for certain mod

Buy it, else you might get something bad happen.
Because mods will not work if you don't have the DLC.

I recommend you to buy games with complete bundle edition and include all DLC.
Because you'll never know that I might make mods that require certain DLC(s).

The step by step instructions is too technical and hard to understand, is there any easier way or more simple method?

Well, if it’s difficult for you, send me a message or Discord DM about what parts you hard to understand. 

Any NSFW mods?

Most of mods in TSVM released here are NSFW.

Will you mod the newly launched games?

I will, but maybe I can't pack the mods for you yet. I very much respect the game developers and I suggest you to buy games you like right away, regardless there are mods or not.

So, when you will pack mods for newly launch games?

I don't know, will look and play it first and see if the game can be modded, or if there are mods released by other modders and have been tested.

Can I Share Your Mods to Others?

>> Please Do Not Re-Post Any Mod Files here as Yours. You can only share the link to my mod posts at Patreon to others. Never share the mod files directly. 

>> However, you are allowed to share my TSVM Repack R version and it's links to your friends or to your social media accounts.

Do you provide support?

I have wrote very detail about what you must do to setting mods in How to Use Mods, and in How to files in my mod packs. 

But, however, I’ll give you help & support if you still have any problem after you follow my step by step instructions. 

You can expect faster response from me if you become my patron.

Feel free to join my Discord server :
Join TSVM Discord Server 

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Thank you,
The Silver Vox

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