Rosznar Villa Servant's House

The servant's house in the Rosznar villa is a three-floor building. I designed the floors to make the most practical sense for use by the servants of the family. I thought that the servants would use the house for sleeping, eating, and then preparing large meals for the main house.  I have mapped out each floor, but none of them are Forgotten Realms canon or based on existing floor plans. 

  • Floor 1- This floor is used for cooking, dining, and bathing for the servants. The servants eat in shifts and all at the one table. 
  • Floor 2 - This junior and single servants sleep on this floor. They don't have much if any privacy but can bathe when they want. 
  • Floor 3 - The senior and married servants sleep and bathe on this floor. The head of the servants also has an office on this floor. Seniority affords privacy for these servants.

Each battle map is 12 X 14 squares at five feet a square. The maps match up precisely to the building's location on the grounds map. All of the assets in the maps are from the Forgotten Adventures asset packs.

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