"Princess Trainer" V.1.02
Oh wow... I thought working on the game was a bumpy ride but the whole release turned out to be even... bumpier. But it has been finally released on "HU" so I can share it with you guys as well. I'm very happy that it's all behind us now. The game been tested one million times so I'm pretty sure there almost no bugs left, nothing important that could cripple your experience anyway. Also it's been proofread so hoping not to many typos either. My job is done here. Enjoy the game here, and I will be returning back to working on the "Magic Shop". Thank you for your support. If the game turns out to be successful enough maybe I will revisit it eventually and put in all the things I wanted but had no time to, as usual. We could call it "Gold Edition" or whatever... But this is "if" and also sometime in the future... For the moment I just want to take a break... Again thank you guys, thank you for believing in me and making this happen. Let's make next game even better!!! Password is "patreon". Keep it to yourself and work in shadows as usual... P.S. If you need a MAC version let me know - I'll upload it.