Tabletops & Tentacles Preview Issue: Cult Film Special

Hey everyone! It's been a long road to get here, but the Cult Film Special is finally done and ready for you all to check out! I am really happy with the way this turned out - we spent a lot of time redesigning the issue from our original "Zero Issue" to create a magazine that has a retro vibe but is still fresh and readable. 

This was the issue originally unlocked as a 16 page MiniZine during the Kickstarter and as we worked on it, the world of Cult Film exploded and it got much larger - The final issue is just under 60 pages. Our contributors in this issue - Derek M. Koch and Devon Marcel both wrote awesome articles that were perfect additions as well. We will also be releasing an accompanying podcast in the next few days with exclusive interviews from Devon with Kelli Maroney and Catherine Mary Stewart to go along with the magazine. 

Some notes: 

First off - I really hope you like it - we have some interesting articles here and ones I hope spur some conversation - We want to start up a letter page with the first issue and we encourage you to write us letters for it - both positive and negative - about this issue. Send them to [email protected] or you can post them here in the comments! 

Obviously, we are new to this - This is our first magazine and we are learning it as we go - there will probably be some errors and strange things - I'd love it if you let me know about any you spot -  but be gentle. I want to make something that looks professional, but T&T will always remain an indie 'zine at its heart. 

This issue is NOT fully representative of what you will be seeing in the regular issues of T&T - This is a special issue and far more film-focused than future issues will be. Most are being planned to have a healthy balance of topics including film, RPGs, Tabletop Games, Books, Comics, general geek stuff and short fiction. The articles and artwork in here will give you a good idea of the tone and style I'm shooting for with the monthly issues, however. 

Issue #1 (And #2) are progressing along as well - we have most of the content fully planned, we have almost a dozen interviews scheduled for this year already and I'm hard at work on the art and writing for the issues. That said, we do have a bit of upkeep here: 

-If anyone knows any RPG content creators that would be interesting in having their work in Tabletops & Tentacles - have them reach out to us! We really want a mix of creators for our RPG content.

-We have a lot of submissions for Short Fiction, but we are always open to more authors. 

People interested in contributing to either can fill out the form on 

An important note on publishing schedule - Issue #1 is still on track for our revised schedule, but there may be some delays, as is usual with projects like this. Right now it's looking like the biggest potential roadblock might be DriveThru RPGs turnaround time on printed media. It should streamline as we get used to their submission and proofing procedures but for the first few issues at least, we may release the digital copy here on Patreon as soon as it's ready, with the print and DTRPG versions coming a few weeks later as they are approved by the site. (They require a physical proof approval and that can take a few weeks to reach us before we can release the physical copies of the issue.) This will all get more streamlined as we all get used to the issues and formatting, but I wanted to give everyone a head's up. 

A reminder for Kickstarter backers that backed at the yearly subscriber levels: all content on Patreon will remain "Public" through issue one, so you can see all of the content and behind the scenes stuff over here without joining. Once issue #1 is released, if you'd like to continue receiving the extra content and digital issue add-ons for future issues, you will need to back at the "Subscriber-Only" level here (The Bag of Holding) for $1 to get access to the digital extras. 

If you only backed for the first issue or if you are coming to our Patreon page for the first time now, you can become a patron here to continue getting the future issues. Copies will also be available on DriveThru RPG and marketplaces like Amazon, but here on Patreon will be the cheapest way to get future issues! 

Thanks again, everyone - we hope you enjoy this sneak peek into what we have created with Tabletops & Tentacles. 

Download the Cult Film Special below:

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