Color your own reference - DEER v1
Hello everyone :) I have a cool surprise for you all! FREE reference line-art, great for fursuits, character color accuracy, or working out a new character design :) Easy to use and very customizable.

This particular line-art is designed to accommodate our hoofed character friends! Other line-arts such as Canine, Feline, Kangaroo, ect. will be available on a later date and monthly!

Right now the PSD file will only be available to current patrons, so you'll have to donate to have full access. However some PNG file line-arts are available to everyone ☺

Some options right now; such as horns, long tails, down ears ect. are only available on the PSD file. Many of the extra features are not shown on the example image. So you'll have to open up the PSD and look around to see all the customization options!

If there is an option you are looking for, for a specific species or character, email [email protected] to see about getting that option added on!

I plan to release canines next month, so you'll have to donate this month to receive that one as well!

Images are free to use for anyone under the simple TOS. Any party or parties not abiding by the rules will be banned from this patreon and possibly other sites no exceptions.

If you are interested in adopting one of the example characters, you can email [email protected] to claim it and have full rights to the design! Also included high res of the separate reference. They are $25 USD via Paypal or Google Wallet.

As always, with any questions or concerns please email [email protected]

 - PNG Lineart's are available as attached downloadable below main image.

- Edit: I have also added JPGE files to be more universally used

- The PSD file is located on a patreon only post Here: