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Ep.107- Dark Speculation 3 ‘Run. Running. More running.’

Ep.108- Dark Speculation 4 ‘Aeselak’s Peasant Tale‘

Ep.109- Dark Speculation 5 ‘First Death‘

Ep.110- Fallen Lights ‘Lin’s Thank‘

Ep.111- Fallen Lights 2 ‘Nightmare’

Ep.112- Fallen Lights 3 ‘Strength you have to protect’

Patreon Side Chapters 

 Ep. 1- The Escape of Eugene and Euria! P.1 ”Eugene’s Child?!”   

 Ep. 2 - The Escape of Eugene and Euria! P.2 ”18th Birthday Frenzy!”   

 Ep. 3 - The Escape of Eugene and Euria! P.3 ”18th Birthday Frenzy! 2”   

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Ep.113 - Fallen Lights 4 ‘Resonating emotion!‘

Ep.114-Fallen Lights 5 ‘Clear the rats‘

Ep.115-Cracked Dreams ‘Euria’s Disappearance’

Ep.116-Cracked Dreams 2 ‘I want to hide in a hole’

Ep.117- Cracked Dreams 3 ‘Eugene taken’

Ep.118 - Cracked Dreams 4 ‘Tension Showdown’

Ep.119- Cracked Dreams 5 ‘Offending the King’

Patreon Side Chapters 

Ep. 4 - The Escape of Eugene and Euria! P.4 ”My papa is incredibly handsome!”  

Ep. 5 - The Escape of Eugene and Euria! P.5 END ”5 vs 1”  

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Ep.120- The King's Roar. 

Ep.121-Puppet sitting on the throne. 

Ep.122-The truth behind Ario’s death. 

Ep.123-The Heart of Promissum 

Ep.124-‘If you disappear, I’d gladly die.’ 

Ep.125-Are you willing to quietly die?’ 

Ep.126- Situation… reverse? 

Ep.127- Nightmare in Reality ‘Promise of forever’ 

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