Episode 3.02: OBSTREPEROUS - show notes

This episode is part of the Kids Listen celebration of Women's History Month!  Here are the other shows that are participating:

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Read the actual newspaper account from the Guardian of Christabel Pankhurst's arrest and statement from the stand on 19 October, 1905

Christabel Pankhurst:  "The reason I was forced to adopt the mode of assault that I did was because my arms were firmly pinned down so that I could not raise them. There was no other course open. My conduct in the Free-trade Hall and outside was meant as a protest against the legal position of women to-day. We cannot make any orderly protest because we have not the means whereby citizens may do such a thing; we have not a vote; and so long as we have not votes we must be disorderly. There is no other way whereby we can put forward our claims to political justice. When we have that you will not see us at the police courts; but so long as we have not votes this will happen."

Learn about more obstreperous kid activists on Lindz Amer's podcast, Activist, You! 

Closing poem:  

Catfight by Stephanie Pepper 

In the yard across from mine,
as dusk settles in, two
of the street’s stray cats–one
orange, the color of apricot jam, and the
other white with black patches (or black with white,
whichever you prefer)–hiss and screech,
roll around end over end
in the uncut grass raising a
terrible ruckus. And I think of
my high school cafeteria, and
two girls yelling, and painted
nails clawing and scratching,
snatching fistfuls of teased up
hair held high by AquaNet while a
dozen kids circle as witness—
I didn’t intervene then either.

©stephanie pepper, 2019

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