Monthly/Quarterly Miniature Crate Shipment Options:

For all pledges of $35 or more, you can choose your next miniature crate shipments from a game system itself and/or pick specific faction(s) inside that game system. 

Each crate you receive after your first shipment will have the value of your pledge inside based on your preferences below.  We recommend picking multiple game systems or factions as it makes for the best variety possible in an exciting hobby miniatures crate!

Please keep in mind the more factions/ categories you select, the better mix of swag you will get in the mail from us. Most folks select 2-4 categories from this list, and that gives us a lot of room to work with!

Warhammer 40k & Age of Sigmar:

  • Imperials: (Ad Mechs, Sisters of Silence, Sisters of Battle, Imperial Guard, Imperial Knights)
  • Space Marines: (Deathwatch, Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Grey Knights, Space Wolves, Primaris, Custodes)
  • Xenos: (Tyranids, Tau, Orks, Necrons, Both Eldars, Genestealer Cults)
  • Chaos: (Daemons, Marines, Death Guard, Thousand Sons)
  • Kill Team (Terrain, Various 40k Infantry Squads Factions, Accessories)
  • Age of Sigmar: Please specify an alliance (Order, Destruction, Chaos, or Death), and then also a faction as well. That way we have a better chance to get you something desire.

GW Specialist Games

Expansions & accessories; please pick this and another game system for your shipments as these may not ship every time due to demand!

  • WH Underworlds 
  • Bloodbowl
  • Necromunda
  • Adeptus Titanicus
  • Warcry
  • Aeronautica Imperialis

Other Miniatures & Game Systems:

  • Hobby (Can NOT be selected alone: Paints, Tools, Play-mats, Storage, Terrain, etc. )
  • Privateer Press (Warmachine or Hordes, then select a faction)
  • Infinity (Select a faction)
  • Fantasy Flight Games: Star Wars Ship Games: (X-Wing, or Armada), Legion (Imperials or Rebels) includes playmats and game aids from time to time.
  • Creature Caster Models

So if you want say only Space Marines: Blood Angels and hobby swag just hit us with:

Space Marines:  Blood Angels & Hobby (but keep in mind that sometimes we don't always have chapter-specific swag, so you may just get generic Astartes units at times for your collection).

That is about as specific as we can make it right now, without causing even more delays or headaches in our workload here.  Just remember that there will be a little overlap sometimes with the swag pool as to what we have to ship. 

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