Content Summary for February 2020

Mar 3, 2020

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The pdfs collating the content below are on this post for Patreon supporters.

I'm getting ready for some conferences.

As normal, I explain my process and lessons learned in some of my Patreon posts. And include material that I'm learning as I research, that never makes its way into the talk or tutorial.

I blogged about The Art of War in Feb, and I stumbled across my early notes on The Art of War on my hard drive and compiled them all into a pdf for Patreons. I found it interesting to look at my comments on Testing from decades ago, I will revisit my commentary in the future, I think it is a useful reflection process to look at 'non-testing' work and map it on to Testing. I have a similar, but shorter, analysis of a Problem Solving book coming up on Patreon later this month.

My Testing App "The Pulper" has been updated in readiness for the Epic Conference tutorial. So it now has a better documented API and the GUI uses the API through JavaScript. I'm testing this to create more exercises for the tutorial and I deliberately built it without Unit Testing to try and create something that 'works' but has bugs the more deeply you look into it to support more deliberate technical testing. And some of the bug pathologies I was hoping would manifest did actually manifest.

I also transcribed and subtitled the How I Test - Web App course on Patreon so there is now an easier to digest pdf of the content for offline catchup.

And I finally made use of my TwitterStorm generator tool TweetStormer It has a very crude GUI, but it does the job. I deliberately didn't automate the 'posting' of the Tweets, to keep the tool simple, but I wanted something that made it much easier to format and repurpose the tweet content. I used this for my Art of War Twitter Thread

Twitter Links For February 2020

Viv Richards has updated the snippets Chrome plugin we both contribute to. This has 'handy stuff' you might find useful. But it also 'shows you' in the console the JavaScript that it is executing.

The Useful Snippets extension is on github.

Viv is also compiling a set of essays which form a free book on Software Testing "reflections and thoughts based on many peoples own personal experiences". Around the World With 80 Software Testers

Blog Posts For February 2020

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