BLOG - Well that went to shit suddenly tl;dr: Lost my job - working on getting back on my feet ASAP so I can keep making stuff for you all. I’m open for commissions and job offers. So hey! Just a few days ago I posted on Twitter about how I’d been hired to write League of Legends content for a website, full time with full pay and all. Yeah, funny story about that, the company went bankrupt over the weekend and I just found out. No, it’s not an April’s Fools, I checked. I have colleagues who haven’t been paid for months now. I got hired in March, so I’m a month’s wages out - I’m trying to get it from the state guarantee-fund (god bless our communism!), which hopefully will go through, and I have a bit of cash saved up so I can pay my rent for a couple of months yet. I’m looking for steady work now, and combined with the freelance work I’m taking on, it looks like I might be able to get away with just doing part time work. The new Caster Comix website is under way as well, which will hopefully generate a bit of ad-revenue. So, if you have any art you want drawn (any art at all), contact me at [email protected] and I'll give you a nice and reasonable price for good art. And if you work for a company and you need a guy who can write, draw, translate between Danish and English, research, analyze or anything at all and you have a job opening, do get in touch! I’m good at the things I do and I can be useful.