Depixel Extended Add-on

Add flavor and artistic liberty to your Depixel experience with a range of customized textures and gameplay encounters that will bring a fresh look and feel to Minecraft.

This add-on includes:

NEW  Mar 28, 2020: Green End, Crucible blade (netherite sword) and connected texture for sandstone side.

  • 3D Sun and Moon
  • Custom Iron, Gold and Diamond tools
  • Barrel TNT
  • Cobbled Coarse Dirt
  • Glass Oak Trapdoor
  • White Redstone Torch
  • Gray Lantern
  • Sandstone Bricks made by stacking sandstone slabs
  • Sand overlays
  • Brick overlays
  • Sandstone Bricks overlays
  • Connected wooden planks
  • Ender Chest with purple knob
  • Realistic rain (desaturated)

Some of these features require OptiFine. 

More custom features are planned. Feel free to make your suggestions in this post and best ones will appear in the add-on. 

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