Depixel Extended for Java Edition

While Depixel is restricted to thoroughly preserving the original look and feel of Minecraft in all its glory, Depixel Extended is a family of accessories that goes beyond these limits, freely extending its evolved style in many other directions to give you the ability to customize your experience while staying consistent with the look of Depixel.

For just $5 you get to try out all the content listed below + any other updates for the rest of your monthly subscription + other benefits of the $5 tier, like Early Access. You can cancel any time.


Latest Update:

Update from June 8 2023.

  • Blank Name Tag accessory (requires OptiFine)

All Features:


  • Rope Ladder
  • 3D Sun & Moon
  • Birch Polypore
  • The Crucible sword (requires OptiFine. Rename Netherite Sword to "The Crucible [+ optional adjunct]")
  • Extended Walls
  • Blank Name Tag accessory (requires OptiFine)


  • 3D Sun and Moon
  • Custom Stone tools
  • Custom Iron tools
  • Custom Gold tools
  • Custom Diamond tools
  • Custom Netherite tools
  • Better Walls
  • Sand overlays
  • Brick overlays
  • Connected wooden planks
  • Sandstone Bricks overlays
  • Connected Sandstone side
  • Barrel TNT
  • Cobbled Coarse Dirt
  • Glass Oak Trapdoor
  • White Redstone Torch
  • Gray Lantern
  • Ender Chest with purple knob
  • Realistic rain (desaturated)
  • Apple hunger bar
  • The Crucible Blade datapack by Kaspian (crafted by putting lava bucket in the center slot of the crafting table, and netherite sword directly below)
  • Improved Lava
  • Unnamed Name Tags have no text
  • Animated faces for 14 mobs, made by our artist Enderscram. Say thanks to him on his Twitter and YouTube
  • Quartz Pillar CTM
  • Crate, made by renaming Barrel to "Crate"
  • Polished Granite, Diorite, Andesite bricks, made by stacking 2 polished slabs
  • 12 custom pressure plate textures
  • Custom Sandstone: Sandstone double slab bricks, Cut Sandstone double slab bigger bricks, Smooth Sandstone double slab whole brick, stack 2 or more chiseled sandstone on top of each other to make them into a pillar (requires OptiFine). Custom red sandstone will come.
  • Custom Dye Pots
  • Multi-colored regular Bricks
  • Smooth Stone bricks, made by stacking 2 Smooth Stone slabs
  • Blackstone bricks, made by stacking 2 Blackstone slabs
  • Custom Stone Bricks: stack 2 or more chiseled stone bricks on top of each other to make them into a pillar (requires OptiFine).
  • Stone Brick overlays
  • Amethyst Sword custom item, rename Diamond Sword to "Amethyst Sword [+optional adjunct]" (requires OptiFine)
  • The Crucible Sword custom item for those who ain't having it with data packs, rename Netherite Sword to "The Crucible [+optional adjunct]" (requires OptiFine)
  • Alternative variants for cows, pigs and chicken made by our artist Enderscram. Say thanks to him on his Twitter and YouTube
  • 10 custom button textures
  • Weathered Bricks CTM, activated when bricks surrounded 3x3 by terracotta and its colored variants, good for desert building.
  • (Disabled due to bug) Limestone CTM, activated when Extended custom Sandstone Bricks (double Sandstone Slab, double Cut Sandstone Slab and double Smooth Sandstone Slab) surrounded 3x3 by calcite (1.17 only) or diorite.
  • Prismarine fish scale bricks made by stacking prismarine brick slabs into a full block
  • Waxed copper pillar, made by stacking Waxed Cut Copper blocks vertically
  • Waxed copper bars, made by stacking Waxed Cut Copper slabs into a full block
  • Birch polypore, inspired by Minecraft 1.18 birch forest concept art.

Some of these features require OptiFine.

More custom features are planned. Feel free to make your suggestions in this post and best ones will appear in the add-on. 

Get access to all of the above by becoming $5 patron, and a patron-exclusive post will be unlocked to you with download links.

Planned Features:

  • Custom Wooden Tools
  • Phantom-wing-styled elytras
  • Grass overlays
  • Custom Stone Bricks, something like what was done with Sandstone Bricks
  • Make early stages of Nether Wart growth pale
  • Triangle potions of harm for easier identification
  • Custom chest textures (and models) for Nether and End
  • Crafting Table from different woods

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