Whats GOOD!?

Today we have Shaun with a keepsake for Amanda. Below are their answers to the questions
on the theme song form.

Your Name:

Crush/Good Friends

Person of interest:

Occasion | Memento:
Valentines Day

Favorite Color:

Briefly describe THEM:
She’s beautiful, blonde, caring/loving, she’s currently a flight attendant, I used to work with her as a flight attendant years ago, she rock climbs, likes the show Outlander, she lives in Vegas but is flying out to LA Sat the 15th and I’m gonna surprise her. We have a stupid inside joke where we pronounce “pure” as “purée” making fun of how fancy people talk. Want her to be my Valentine

WHAT you LOVE MOST about them:
Her sense of humor and our laughs together

WHAT separates THEM from others:
They have a good heart and laugh at my bad jokes

a UNIQUE pet peeve THEY have:
Always washes her hands. She’s a bit of a germaphobe

1 favorite PASTIME with THEM:
Sharing great laughs and enjoying each other’s company

You kan download the song as it is an attachment and if there are any issues please feel free to kontact me.  

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