In Praise of Abundance

Have you ever wondered what abundance means to you? 

For me, it’s all about time.

Being fully in the moment, here and now, the essential luxury. Opening the door onto freedom. The eternal now. 

Freedom has always been at the core of my being. If I don’t feel free, I m out. 

Then it is back to having time for being, for inspired doing.

Yes, I can feel stressed about the not regular pay check. Yet I d rather live out out my car than to do what does not make my heart sing, day in, day out.

I get it, sometimes we find ourselves in a place where we have to put up with it. Yet the choice always exists. We either go with the flow of what we do and be grateful for the lessons offered, or we wade out and hop into a more suitable river to the sea of our contentment. 

If it ain’t fun, it ain’t sustainable.

Perhaps it is why I heard the little phrase “live your dream don’t dream your life” when I was sixteen years old.

Perhaps it is the reason I chose the path of following my heart no matter what, to learn and to grow, and to find abundance in unlikely places: in the challenge of an extraordinary relationship with a mirror man, for better and worse. In the deep connection with my oh so inspiring sister and the reconnection with my so oh hello you brother mine. In the lessons from and goodbyes to family and friends who shared joy with me, who made me see boundaries, I love you, thank you. 

Magpies are carolling to the moon, full.

A lonesome frog is yodelling its lust to the night.

And how could I not feel abundant sleeping as I am in a thirty year old mountain tent in my garden, listening to a wallaby guzzling water stored in my repurposed Antarctic sled nearby? 

It is clear to me, reared as I was by innocent children brought up in a time of lack and fear, World War 2. 

6 and 8 they were, my parents, right in the middle of it, 1942. 

She, living in the local sewer for a year and a half with her mum, bombings, PTSD before it had a name. He, farmed out to the country side because his parents could not feed seven children. Making light of everything, and hoarding.

Let me tell you, the fear of lack flowed right through to us children.

Enters awareness again and everything is absolutely fine as I make decisions out of love, not fear. The bills get paid, the tomatoes grow, my husband does the dishes, everything conspires to transmute the love energy that governs our universe into my reality.

I love, therefore I am. 

A grain of sand, a star up there, you, he, she, us. 


Title photo: a moment fully in the present, smiling at my dad taking a photo at the Cristallerie Saint Lambert museum, a wonderful space close to his place in Belgium. 

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