"Thus may the light shine"...Demon On Your Shoulder - A message from Satan MARCH-APR 2020

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I'm not one to kick someone when they're already on the floor. You will not find any "you brought these on yourselves" or "I-told-you-so's" here. Besides, Bere would not let me write that. I'm not like *that* other guy, you know? 

What I will say is: this is not about why, or why it's happening to *you*. For those of you reading this who might get sick, or have to see a loved one get sick, "why" is not the question you need to ask yourselves, either. And, as for those who will leave the world - or who have already left the world, it's also not about the "why". 

When you see those among you who still go out and about trying to live their precious little lives just as if this wasn't a first in human history, a moment to take notice, the question in your mind shouldn't be "why", either. It's useless at this point. The ship has sailed. 

It's all about: WHAT FOR? 

- - - 

You are all familiar with how chemotherapy works, I presume? A certain combination of chemicals is inserted in the bloodstream so that they can eliminate the cancerous cells. Unfortunately, there are side effects for most of the patients: nausea, vomit, fever, unimaginable pain, hair loss, weight loss/gain. And it goes on for what seems like forever. These treatments can either work...or not. Sometimes they look like they work, only for the cancer to return at a later time, in a much more ruthless or definitive way. Sometimes they actually work and the patient can be certified healthy and live for many more years. Wouldn't it be great if Human Medicine could make a distinction and only limit itself to attacking and eliminating the vicious  cancer cells within the patient's body, rather than just wreck havoc on their entire organism? 

Pandemics are Nature's chemotherapy: they force humans to stop normal life as they know it, to take notice of what's going on, and put back on the table all those topics humans love to ignore or sweep under the proverbial rug, both in an individual and collective basis. The vulnerable, and yes, many times the good, the wise, the useful, all become casualties of this microscopic, mischievous, and downright evil enemy.  Nature makes distinctions based on different factors than those of humans, and it singles out certain individuals for specific outcomes, on which humans have no say. This is when acceptance, rather than understanding, must be practiced. 


There is never a single answer to these questions. The responses vary from country to country, from family to family, from household to household, from person to person. Even though no uniformity can be reached in the answers, it's a question that must be asked, and discussed, and thought about. Allow this question to change you, and to change the way you do things, the way you behave, and the way you allow (or not) certain things to happen. 


It happens so you can take better care of yourself. While taking care of yourself and safeguarding your own health, you will discover that you're protecting those around you - whether it's your family, your friends, your coworkers, or the strangers you pass by on the street. For many of you, it will be your first tangible experience of actual community. 


This is happening so that everyone finally acknowledges, in a way that is impossible to ignore or to justify or to excuse, that the way the human systems work is deeply flawed. To create an indellible mark in history that we, and our descendants, can someday look back to and say: "See? That's when we realized it was all fucked up and decided to change it once and for all. Many innocents died just so we could gain this awareness."


So that you finally have time to shine a light on your shadow and see that it's nothing to be scared of, that you can in fact be free from the scary monsters you thought it was hiding. So that those who are more accustomed to living in the shadow can become guides for all those who are new to the experience. Lead one another, children, and lead yourselves. 


To become comfortable with the uncomfortable, whatever that might look like for each of you. 


To create a collective experience that would be impossible otherwise: where race, nationality, religion, or political affiliations fail, biology usually does the trick. 


To start anew. Some richer, others poorer. Some happier, others mourning. But in all cases, different. Transformed. Reborn. Hopefully wiser, or at least braver. 

The only times light is truly useful is when it's dark. 

See you next month, my beautiful children. Be blessed, but also don't be stupid. Don't be selfish. LISTEN. Really listen.  

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