Inspired Action and Trying Times

When I first decided that self-isolating was a good idea in light of what is happening with that virus around the world, I got into a frenzy of thinking : 

When I was a teenager, I used to study for the morrow's exam in front of the TV, surrounded by family. Freaking time: pondering script edits while watching Bettany Hughes and Minoan delights.

I've got to do this, I ve got to do that. 

Like I've got to  find a way to make money now that speaking gigs and Lura Community and Yoga Treks work have disappeared into thin air, I've got to rework my entire Beyond the Smile doco series concept, I've got to grow more veggies to be a little self-sufficient, I've got to… 

Until I realised that it was exactly what I did not need to do. 

Sherpa riki kur. yummy potato pancakes. I dream of Nepal... ( purslane ready to be pickled, nettle tea brewed and poured!)

What I needed to do was nothing. That’s right. Stay home, eat well of course, try not to drink or TV binge or COVID-19 binge too much, stay in touch with family and friends over the internet, and most importantly, I needed to keep stress at bay. 

Sibling love. Pascal in Liege, Belgium, Veronique in Wollongong, New South Wales.

New greeting routine. Welcome to the Nepali namaste, 100% corona virus safe. 

My duty to everyone out there is to look after my immune system. If I stay healthy, and let body magic take place, I won’t clog up the health system ( and die if there is a shortage of respirators, I m over sixty YO, and we know what that means in a triage situation). 

If I maintain social/ spacial distancing, and follow my gut feeling about what to do or not to do, I’ll be doing my bit for us all.

That’s where it starts. 

Once that state of mind and heart is reached, then it is time for inspired doing.

One way that works very well to bring me back from Panic Street to a grounded state is the HearthMath technique of Heart Mind Coherence. So simple.

Here is how it works: 


Place your hand or hands on your heart. Your attention will be more easily on your heart if you touch its location.  Breathe deeply and slowly in and out, and feel love, appreciation, care, gratitude , you get the gist. For me, thinking of a loved one, whether human or animal, helps a lot. 

That’s it. You’ll know how long you need by the way you feel. 

Much love from little me in Natimuk. 


Here is a link you can check for more info on heart mind coherence and more.

And if you feel like making potato pancakes, try this one: 

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Title photo: my tent in the garden, with Wally the wallaby at the correct distance for social interaction.

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