The DeLuca Family 0.06.1 Release (Public - French & English only)

You are probably wondering about the title image. Well, PhillyGames ; the  creator of Depraved Awakening and City of Broken Dreamers (absolutely amazing games) is a friend of mine and we promised each other to not release on the same day. Unfortunately, things aligned in a  way where we had to (tho mine is a day off). So, we figured let's make the best of it and do a  double bill. You can visit his patreon or get his  latest public release on itch.

Download link for The DeLuca Family 0.06.1;





Change log;


Pure Isabel focused update

6 new Isabel events (varies in length)

- New music




- Removed the day counter (There is no time limit in the game and hence the day counter only adds to confuse players)

- Tooltip added

- Added no sound camera image for soundless recordings

- Fixed story9 not adding +1 kill to mc stat

- The laptop now hides the money when watching recordings

- Fixed lobby music not playing after luna breast event

- Journal wrong order fixed

- Bugfix menu added to the laptop

- End credit has been updated

Thanks to Mr.Qaywesdxc for some bug fixes help


Note; This is not the planned update (which contains some Isabel content) but rather a few bug fixes and french translators. If already played 0.06- no reason to play this.


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