Inking Timelapse

i'm trying something i haven't done before- one of those timelapse things. i had my usual problems with the video editor so it decided not to export the audio. :/ bring your own music to the show i guess.

a tiny bit about the process: i always start with a thick outermost border. then i gradually work inward with finer and finer pens. i use a mix of faber castell and micron pens for the job.

this isn't just any old kalo drawing, though. ;o this is for something i originally planned to do somewhere around june, but with current events reshuffling things, i decided to kick it off this week. it's...


i'm going to announce it on the recoil site on thursday, but for now you guys get to be ahead of the game! here's what the entry form will look like:

there are actually two parts to the contest: best coloring and best caption. i wanted the contest to be open to people who slant more toward writing, so i'll be looking for the best werds that people toss into the speech  bubble. i'll explain the contest more in full when i make the official announcement.

so while the contest is running, i won't put any new pages on the recoil site. i'll only post pages here on the patreon for the next month or so. the buffer needs rebuilding, but also... with quarantines and shutdowns happening, i don't have access to a scanner right now! i managed to 'scan' these contest inks by taking a picture with my camera, and that worked fine enough after cleaning it up in photoshop. currently i intend to show you a weekly page like usual, but it will be in black/white with the dialogue on top. i hate not to color them, but i don't want to spend the time coloring a file that i'd have to scrap and redo when i eventually print a book.

thanks for your understanding in these weird times! i hope you're excited for the contest! back soon with the next page o◊o/

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